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  • Bill & Peggy Britt
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Dixon Center

Easter Seals Dixon Center is changing the conversation about veterans and military families to highlight their potential and create life-changing opportunities. The Dixon Center works nationally and locally to break down barriers and connect individuals and organizations with easily accessible solutions veterans and military families need to access meaningful employment, education, and healthcare. 

In communities across the country, Easter Seals affiliates deliver services that veterans and military families need to live productive, successful lives. Easter Seals Dixon Center's national credibility and community-based reach provide an unmatched resource enabling our veterans and military families to succeed where they live. Through direct interaction, visits, and direct contacts in hundreds of communities and thousands of organizations, Easter Seals Dixon Center is a catalyst for change. This is achieved by assisting in the development of systems for organizations: finding veterans, focusing on their needs, and creating community-based solutions.

Through its partnership with Easter Seals, Easter Seals Dixon Center leverages this community-based network of 71 affiliates, 550 site locations, 24,000 professional staff, and 40,000 local volunteers. These collective impacts, achieved through organizational leadership and direct service, result in the structural changes that maximize public and private resources and most importantly, enable our veterans and families to thrive, where they live.

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