Most Common FAQs


  1. Do I have to cancel old subscriptions and how does the refund work?
    1. No. You do not need to cancel your old subscription first.
    2. Legacy App migration and refunds (if applicable):
      1. Legacy Apps (Streaming BSM, BWWTV & Webspace) will operate and be supported normally until phased out 1Q20.
      2. Upon subscribing to BSM Xstream, App access will be through Xstream ONLY.
      3. Refunds (if applicable) for unused portion of like kind legacy app subscriptions will be generated automatically for monthly billing cycles. The refund is applied to the original order and visible on the refunds tab.
      4. Refunds (if applicable) for unused portion of like kind legacy app quarterly or annual billing cycles will require customer service processing. BWW Prime will give a message to the subscriber that an email has been sent to customer service. Customer service will put all transactions in the queue for priority processing. Anticipated processing time is 3-5 business days.
  1. What happens to our collection, unused credits, and candidates when I sign up for the Xstream app?
    1. All of the information from the legacy apps will be transferred to the new Xstream platform including your collection, credits, and candidates.
    2. If however, you have talks or videos that were saved as Favorites or On Device, you will need to download them again on the new Xstream platform.
  1. What is replacing Webspace?
    1. The current Webspace content has been moved to the most appropriate offerings within Xstream, there will be parts of it in TV Plus, Share Plan and Pack, and Share Videos.
  1. Will we keep our domain name? Will there be an extra charge?
    1. Current domain Subscriptions will continue and be billed at the normal 14.95 renewal rate going forward.
    2. At this time, we will not be offering new domain subscriptions or renewals for expired domain names.
  1. How do we upgrade or downgrade subscription packages for Xstream?
    1. To make any upgrade or downgrade changes, you will need to click on the Technology tab and add the desired subscription to the cart then check out. Once you check out, you will automatically be refunded the prorated amount for the time remaining on the previous subscription.
  1. Can I change the name in the Shared talk candidate text to show both spouses?
    1. Yes, you can change this by changing the name for the primary user on on the My Account page ton indicate both spouses.
  1. Is there an online version of Xstream on
    1. Not at this time, however it is on the work in progress list for our next release.
  1. Is BMP included on the Xstream app?
    1. BMP is a separate app in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, however it is included in the price of our packages for Xstream.

Other FAQs

  1. What does Xstream include?
    1. BSM Xstream is the new premier all-inclusive app that combines five powerful platforms for training, motivating, educating and organizing your efforts to grow your business. These five platforms are SBSM, TV Plus, Share Talks, Video Share and Share Plan. Xstream also comes with a free Candidate manager that compliments the Shared platforms, Share Talk, Video Share and Share Plan.
      1. Streaming BSM is our audio delivery offering, which includes standing order talks delivered to your collection each week. If you add leadership, you will get a second talk each week.
      2. TV Plus is our video delivery offering, which delivers two dynamic lessons each week given by leaders with decades of experience.
      3. Share talk and Video Share have audio and videos designated for Candidates; whereas Share Plan is a collection of literature and presentations for Candidates.
      4. The Candidate Manager is the free platform that keeps track of the progress of all of the shared talks, videos, and plans that have been shared with candidates.
    2. BSM Xstream is available in value added bundles for every level of IBO, or pick and choose a la carte module subscriptions to customize your own solutions.
  1. How do I subscribe for Xstream?
    1. To Subscribe:
      1. Login to BWW Prime
      2. From top menu bar select Technology, then Subscriptions
      3. Select desired value-added bundle or a la carte option
      4. Add to your cart and checkout
      5. Download App from the App Store or Google Play and enjoy!
  1. How does Xstream work?
    1. It’s very intuitive, however we suggest that you go to and click on the learn more button on the Xstream banner than you will find the tutorials and read the complete FAQs.
  1. What does All Access include?
    1. Unlimited access to the entire BWW audio streaming catalog; contains over 1,400 titles and unlimited digital lit packs in Shared Plan.
  1. I am signed up for Pro Unlimited and discontinue, will I keep my Standing Order/Leadership Talks I obtained while the Subscription was active?
    1. Yes, any talks obtained during the Subscription period will be added to your Collection and remain there.
  1. Why are the legacy apps going to be discontinued when the Xstream launches?
    1. BWW is stopping the sale of old subscriptions, but they will ALL continue to work/operate and have support until retired later in the year – approx. ETA 1Q20. Our goal is to move everyone over to Xstream since it is a much more sophisticated App that combines five robust platforms in one.
  1. Will there be an option for Quarterly or Annual?
    1. No, not at this time – Amway has very specific rules when it comes to the AP obligation for refunds and returns and the monthly subscriptions are the best fit to comply.
  1. What happens if I have a domain from another company can I still use it instead?
    1. Yes, this will be the same as it currently works by pointing the domain name to the webspace service, you can call customer service for assistance with this.
  1. Can you share the same talk via text and email at the same time?
    1. No, the link will only work one time so it would need to be sent via each method individually.
  1. Why can’t I see my credits after tapping on SBSM on the first page?
    1. The credit balance is located on the hamburger menu, catalog or on the transfer credits.
  1. Can we share talks with international people now via email?
    1. We don’t recommend it, BWW is North American Approved Provider. Our content is approved for the North American market only.
  1. When you tap on the BWW Prime link, will it automatically sign me in to
    1. No, you will need your IBO number and password after going to the link
  1. Why can I only play a Preview in Share Talks?
    1. You can only play the full version of a Share Talk if you own the talk or are subscribed to the Pro Unlimited Plan.